Brentwood locality

Brentwood, which is part of the Active Essex South West Essex hub, is statistically the most active Local Authority in Greater Essex and has an estimated population of 77,021.

Key achievements so far

Women Yoga

Listening to our bodies

Supporting women and girls through life and body changes is an important offer through Menocize and breathing focus classes

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Collaborative working

A new partnership sparked a drop-in group to support young people in the area to prevent anti-social behaviour.


Tackling inequalities

Understand how Sport for Confidence are helping to narrow inequalities in the Brentwood local area.

Making movement a priority in Brentwood

The work of Active Essex includes supporting the local network, Find Your Active Brentwood works collaboratively with sports clubs, facilities and both local and Essex wide partners in order to promote and provide opportunities for increased physical activity, health and wellbeing. The network is represented on Brentwood Live Well Board, with one of their three priorities being to tackle obesity and improve physical health of residents in the borough.

Levelling Up Health and Wellbeing
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Strengthening Communities
ATF Daily Bread
Levelling Up Health and Wellbeing
Gill Bauer
Children and Young People
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