Levelling Up Health and Wellbeing

Move it or Lose it with Lisa, Brentwood Pilates

Pilates for elderly adults

Move it or Lose it with Lisa is a Brentwood based project that aims to improve older adults physical and mental health by bringing them together to engage in pleasant, meaningful and rewarding low impact exercise.

After teaching Pilates for over 7 years, Lisa has discovered that staying active through this method helps improve people’s fitness, posture, sense of wellbeing and ability to cope. Move it or Lose it is a tried and tested model, attracting and retaining similarly aged groups with a wide range of abilities. It's a leading platform of its kind and recognised by the NHS under its social prescribing policy. Previous participants of Move it or Lose it have reported a significant and sustained improvement in their wellbeing because of attending these classes.

Move it or Lose it is built around 'FABs', which targets participants flexibility, aerobic output, balance and strength. It is specifically designed to help tackle all age related conditions such as musculoskeletal, cardiovascular pulmonary, mental well being etc.


AE Whos it for
Who's it for?
Elderly adults in the Brentwood area looking to be active
AE Prime
Prime Objective:
to keep moving and stay mobile and independent for longer
AE Second
Second Objective:
bringing like-minded people together in a safe social setting

Lisa identified a need for this group in the local community and set about specifically designing a class to prevent age related conditions by helping maintain and improve strength and balance. Active Essex supported Lisa with kickstarting this project, supporting her to find the right venue for the sessions to take place.

As a result of the classes, Lisa noticed an increase in fitness levels among participants. As people attended more and more sessions, they became more familiar and confident with the routines and exercises, also therefore improving their techniques.

participants attended the Hutton group
of attendees were aged 60+
participants attended the Knights Way group

With the goal to ensure all sessions are inclusive and delivered in a safe environment, participants have been encouraged to find 'their active' by coming together, having fun and forming new friendships. There has been a strong sense of building self confidence and a growing appetite for self care. Over time these sessions have resulted in much needed social interaction that has helped these older participants find energy and confidence to help them enjoy later life, staying positive, active and independent for longer.

It has been a phenomenal journey which has made me learn new skills in social media to create a social platform for MIOLI and stick at the discipline of learning a new teaching skill. There is a strong need for projects like this, so I will continue in my own endeavours to keep it going. Thank you, Active Essex, for helping me to kick start this new venture. I won’t forget you!
Lisa Armstrong - Project Deliverer