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Fit for the Future 2021-2031
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Written Introduction
A foreword by Jason Fergus, Director of Active Essex
Strategic Priority
Strengthening Communities
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Using the power of physical activity to build resilience, connection and wellbeing in all communities
Strategic Priority
Sport & Physical Activity
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Supporting recovery, development and growth of the sector to increase opportunities for all
Strategic Priority
Children and
Young People
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Ensuring every child has the best start to life, whereby they're active, healthy and happy
Strategic Priority
Active Environments
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Developing connected, accessible places and spaces that encourage people to be active
Strategic Priority
Levelling Up
Health and Wellbeing
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Changing behaviours, enabling and empowering people to do things for themselves and their local communities
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Hero Case Study
The Find Your Active
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A major behaviour change campaign for Essex, Southend and Thurrock

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