Brentwood EELS

Rugby for Ladies and Girls

Brentwood EELS, Ladies and Girls Section, is the first women and girls team within the borough who have been able to create a unique opportunity for females to find their active through rugby.

The women and girls were aged between 14 and 30 years old. Participants had either never played rugby before or only played seasonal games. The Ladies and Girls attended 8 different games and/or festivals throughout this period and enjoyed the new opportunities this brought.

Group 1
Who is it for?
Ladies in and around Brentwood
Goal 1
Prime Objective:
to encourage females to engage in rugby
Goal 2
Second Objective:
to grow Rugby League for females in Brentwood

Active Essex funded the Brentwood EELS to engage females across various games and festival throughout the year. Funding also allowed the team new chances to play in the Super League South for London Broncos. Some of the participants also achieved awards with winners in the London Rugby League Female Player category.

Ladies and Girls training at the club takes place on the same night meaning that the senior and junior players were able to form connections and train alongside each other which helped to grow the togetherness of the club, as well as develop the junior players skills and game tactics.


The Brentwood EELS had keen volunteers who wanted to make the most of the funding and were able to attend coaching courses, to strengthen the clubs offer and build a significant coaching resource. Recognising that this was a keen learning from the funding, the club are working with the National Governing Body to develop more coaching courses for 2024.

This funding allowed the club to build direct connection with Jody Cunningham, current England international. Continuing to feedback their lessons learnt and showcase what they are trying to achieve as a club, Jody is helping them to grow and develop as a team, as well as enhance the sport offer for ladies and girls in the region.

ladies regularly participate
of attendees had not previously engaged in rugby
ladies games/festivals held
My daughter had a great time this summer and was really happy to be part of the club. All her hard work and commitment paid off, and she was extremely proud to win an award in her first season of Rugby League.
Mother of participant