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Postnatal Core & Care Wellness Yoga

Yoga for new mothers

In Brentwood, a Postnatal Core & Care Wellness yoga class has been set up to support mothers and babies, especially mothers struggling to adjust to life post birth. The weekly 60 minute session has provided much needed support following the new mums 10-12 week check ups.

Yoga sessions have gone beyond being a simple class built to improve balance and flexibility, and instead have become a space where mothers could engage in social connections and improve their mental wellbeing. Lack of energy and motivation was reported to be a barrier for many mothers so providing a class with a set time and place would give these mothers a purpose when reintroducing themselves to activity.

Group 1
Who is it for?
Mothers between the age of 20 – 40 with young children
Goal 1
Prime Objective:
to deliver yoga sessions to improve overall physical health
Goal 2
Second Objective:
to reduce social isolation and support mental wellbeing

Active Essex funded the postnatal yoga sessions to allow participants to attend for free, helping engage those struggling in the current cost of living crisis and removing a significant barrier to physical activity.

Using yoga to reintroduce mothers to exercise has been highly successful as low energy levels means that any strenuous activities would cause too much fatigue and possible injury. Yoga allowed the participants to rebuild strength, stamina and confidence as well as building a trusting relationship with the instructor, Connie.

The classes also enabled the mothers to learn about the importance of rebuilding their pelvic floor muscles and good posture which will help them in the short and long term. Understanding the physiology of the female body was something Connie strived to teach, as this allowed participants to practice at home whilst caring for their newborn.

age range
regular attendees
I highly recommend Connie’s baby yoga class for any postpartum mums wanting to dip their toe back into exercise. Connie is so friendly and supportive, and has created a calm and welcoming space for me to bond with my baby whilst gently moving my body. He especially loves lying head-to-head together on the mat!
Participant from the class