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Gamification is the use of technology to turn walking, running, or cycling around a local community into a game. Active Essex has been working with Intelligent Health (creators of Beat the Street) and Street Tag to test this concept, create an evidence base and understand the range of outcomes that delivering these games can lead to.

In Essex, Sport England Local Delivery Pilot funding has enabled games to be tested in Basildon, Colchester and Tendring in a range of settings including community, workplaces and care homes.

Beat the Street is a six-week game where residents are encouraged to explore their local area by tapping cards and fobs against Beat Boxes distributed across their town. Players are rewarded with points, can create teams and earn prizes depending on how far they run, walk or cycle.

Street Tag uses virtual tags so teams can collect points on the app by moving into a location with a tag. Teams can be formed by schools, workplaces, families, and friendship groups, with a live leaderboard and rewards and prizes.


LDP Whos it for
Who's it for?
Adults and Children in Essex
LDP Prime
Prime Objective
Improve activity levels and improve wellbeing
LDP Second
Second Objective
Encourage community connection

One of the best examples of the testing of this project can be found at the Loganberry Lodge care home in Colchester, where they used Street Tag’s MOVE IT boxes to help get residents up-and-moving in the comfort of their own home. “MoveBoxes” were placed in specific locations within the care home, which residents then tagged with a lanyard, earning points, winning badges, and climbing the leaderboard. It’s a great example of showing how Gamification can be used no matter who you are.

The scheme has shown significant improvement with residents' mobility. Their spirits have been lifted and their determination to walk that little bit further each day has been inspiring. Seeing them actively engaging and participating through their own free will is so rewarding and satisfying to see – especially one resident who chose not to leave her room at all prior to the scheme being in place.
Care Home Wellbeing Lead
miles covered by participants
players have taken part since its introduction
of CO2 saved as a result of the games
Gamification is another example of the Essex Local Delivery Pilot June '22 looking to ‘do things differently’. It has been positive to see how the approach has connected and engaged people of all ages and abilities, in an accessible, convenient, and importantly, fun way. We were pleased to see not only the impact that participation had on individuals, but also the data that has been captured showing the collective reach of the project, with over 10,000 players participating, and the learning from this report is likely to be of interest to other places across the country.
Marie Hartley, Place Relationships Manager - Sport England

Key Learnings



Allow sufficient time for planning

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Identify a local coordinator to lead the games

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Schools are key to making these games work

Create a buzz

Create a buzz

It is important to create a buzz around the games so more people take part