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FlexFit with Becky

Inclusive dance

Following a personal experience, Becky, a professional dancer, set up FlexFit with Becky after becoming chronically ill. After realising there was a lack of accessible inclusive dance classes, she decided to set up her own online offer, aimed at those with chronic illnesses or disabilities.

Through personal experience, Becky was able to adapt her dance sessions to ensure participants with a disability could remain active without painful movements or expecting too many strenuous actions that would cause fatigue.

Her classes are designed to be done both seated or standing, and her enthusiasm for dance and movement has attracted participants.

AE Whos it for
Who is it for?
Those with chronic illness or disability
AE Prime
Prime Objective:
to offer accessible dance opportunities
AE Second
Second Objective:
to increase activity levels for participants

The project was funded through Find Your Active, which has been powered by the London Marathon Foundation, as a result of RideLondon-Essex 2022.

This project follows the Find Your Active philosophy as it enables people to find the movement that works for them. Becky has also produced videos for the Find Your Active YouTube channel so participants can access the activity at any point of the day.

The use of social media and video channels has been highly effective in ensuring the classes are accessible because participants do not have to feel obligated to attend a certain time slot. The connections with Parasport and their promotion increased the number of participants as they were able to help advertise Becky's offer.

I have really enjoyed it and didn't realise there were so many possibilities when exercising sitting down!
participants engaged
YouTube video views

For those who had developed an illness or disability, it was important for them to realise they could still take part in activities. This class has enabled them to find their enjoyment in terms of movement, as well as gain body confidence and self confidence.

The response has been really positive and has allowed more people to see examples of what they can get involved with. I’m hoping some people might learn the routines and duet them with me on tiktok! The funding has led to further opportunities which will continue to increase participant reach and showcase my sessions through local community events.
Becky, class lead