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Easy Seated Exercise to Music

A 6-week course for over 65’s

The CST Today, utilised Find Your Active funding to deliver a 6-week course of easy seated exercise to music for the over 65s.

Sessions consisted of an 1 hour of activity including a warm up, mobility movement, pulse raisers and muscle strengthening exercises, followed by refreshments to encourage socialising.

Initially set up to encourage residents to get moving after the Covid-19 pandemic, the CST Today hoped that these classes would bring the community together, reduce social isolation and strengthen muscles for improved balance.

AE Whos it for
Who is it for?
Over 65’s in Hatfield Heath area
AE Prime
Prime Objective:
to increase physical activity levels among the over 65’s
AE Second
Second Objective:
to reduce social isolation among the community
The group have been a great addition to the local area, and due to the success, many health professionals and social prescribers have begun to refer individuals to the group, which will be key in its continuation.
Danielle Warnes, Assistant Relationship Manager
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week course offered

Strength and balance groups like these, help with increased mobility issues as residents get older, and ensure day-to-day tasks can still be completed.

Delivered in Hatfield Heath and the surrounding area, the 6 sessions have formed friendships, which has helped lead to sustained behaviour change as a key motivator. As a result of these classes, other organisations such as warm spaces, have opened in the adjoining room, to offer lunch and a chat after class.


Key Learnings

It's important to take time to reflect and understand the learnings from work undertaken, in order to focus on ways to improve in the future.

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Service like these are important for the older residents in the community



To sustain this project, Active Essex must provide support - funding or another route

I have met some fantastic friends during the course and am now socialising with them outside of the class. The exercises are great for my muscle strength and is really supporting my long-term health condition.