Levelling Up Health and Wellbeing

MOAT Foundation

Maldon Food Programme

Based in Fullbridge Church and Steeple Village Hall, the MOAT Foundation are helping individuals who are lonely and isolated by encouraging them to join the 8 week programme on how to cook healthy and on a budget. Lessons on energy saving techniques have also helped participants with the current cost of living crisis.

Supported by the Household Support Fund and in partnership with KAPOW pop up pizza company, they have offered various cooking skills, delivering lessons in nutrition. During the sessions, local residents cook a meal on a budget and are then able to take the food home, providing two meals for each individual.


Group 1
Who is it for?
Isolated residents from the Maldon area
Goal 1
Prime Objective:
to deliver a healthy eating food programme
Goal 2
Second Objective:
to promote social interaction

MOAT Foundation targeted individuals from households of over 65's and adults living with a disability. Lessons were integral for teaching how to lead a healthy lifestyle through food but also were an opportunity for individuals to interact with others and form new friendships. The programme has helped boost participants confidence, encouraging them to socialise outside of the group.

individuals supported through the programme
individuals provided with food every week
With this funding, a long term group has now been established which has improved mental wellbeing, health, confidence, cooking skills, social awareness, new friendships and interests, as well as upskilling ready for employment.
Nicky Plumb, MOAT Foundation

Funding has enabled MOAT Foundation to trail sessions at two venues. Following the success, they are hoping to bring Community Cooking Projects to other areas across Maldon. Attendees have enjoyed the programme and had the opportunity to helps others in the community, including providing meals for members at the Warm Hub - a meeting place for Ukranian Refugees.

Learning new skills in the kitchen like cutting and peeling, as well as kitchen safety and hygiene has allowed some of the participants to look ahead and focus on achieving a hygiene certificate, as well as volunteering and serving meals at the community hub.