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Forest Thoughts

A friendly circle for women

Forest Thoughts is a women’s circle in Maldon offering a supportive and safe space through drumming, funded through the Find Your Active fund.

A women’s circle is a supportive and safe space that provides attendees with the opportunity to self-reflect and trust that they are strong enough to work through their journey with confidence and faith in themselves. Women who have suffered domestic abuse, are living with poor mental health, as well as new mothers and teenagers who need to connect with other, have all been catered for through the drumming and yoga sessions.


AE Whos it for
Who's it for?
Women who are prioritising time for themselves
AE Prime
Prime Objective:
to improve the physical and mental wellbeing
AE Second
Second Objective:
to open minds and connect attendees

The Find Your Active small grants fund from London Marathon Foundation, allowed Sarah to host circles once a month for a 6-month period. In groups, women are invited to sit in a circle, with Sarah the instructor for a couple of hours to experience true belonging and a sisterly embrace. 

With different themes to each gathering, this included new moon, crafting, expressive arts, and seasonal celebrations. One of the intentions of the group is to invite participants to meditate, dance in a free flowing and intuitive manner and make music with shamanic drums and shakers.

women attended each monthly session
women tried this activity for the first time

The project has been a success bringing like-minded people from all over the county to enjoy this experience. The funding helped Sarah to purchase more equipment to allow participants the opportunity to make use of the drums and instruments when they attended the sessions. The engagement achieved highlighted that many women were open to trying something new in the women’s circle and through drumming.

I loved everything about it. In a society where people often feel alone and women especially are now working full time, as well as being a parent, it is so refreshing and helpful to have a space for self-care in an active, supportive way. Sarah is fantastic at making everyone feel at ease. These sessions are quite new to most people, but Sarah inspires confidence in others to share and be their authentic selves. I have been struggling with my mental health significantly and these sessions have made a remarkable difference.