Children and Young People

Sports Cool HAF

Food education sessions to support organisations and local communities

Delivering the Holiday Activity and Food (HAF) programme nationally for the last few years, Sports Cool has brought their knowledge, experience and successful delivery model to Essex, specifically in the Harlow area, offering their provision at The Downs Primary School.

The HAF programme has emerged as a cornerstone in addressing and supporting the wellbeing of children and families during the school holidays and term times.

HAF Whos it for
Who's it for?
Children and 'low-income' families in Harlow who receive free school meals
HAF Prime
Prime Objective:
to educate children on the importance of physical activity and healthy eating
EA Second
Second Objective:
to motivate young people to enjoy sessions and drive participation in sport

Since joining the HAF programme, Sports Cool have fully immersed themselves into the initiative and set out a number of objectives to ensure they embed themselves into the Harlow community to support as many children and families as possible.

Key objectives include to address food insecurity during school holidays, providing nutritious meals to children who might otherwise lack access to balanced nutrition, prioritise the provision of physical activities for children during holiday periods, actively involve local communities, creating a sense of ownership and inclusivity and include partnerships with educators to incorporate elements of academic support and skills development in holiday activities.

individual children engaged with a Sports Cool HAF club in 2023
spaces for across the easter, summer and winter holidays
SEND children supported through inclusive cycling sessions

Partnering with Trailnet, SportsCool recently delivered cycling sessions to children with additional SEND needs at Downs Primary School through HAF holiday clubs. Funded by Active Essex, the sessions are designed to promote inclusivity, enhance cycling skills, encourage physical activity and support social engagement among a group of children facing diverse challenges.

My son absolutely loves attending these clubs and always has a great time! He gets to do lots of different activities and comes home so happy – thank you!

A Breakfast Club has also been set up, with SportsCool presenting an overview of their organisation’s initiative before school sports clubs for children. These clubs were specifically designed to promote physical activity, skill development and a sense of camaraderie among participating children, fostering a positive impact on their overall wellbeing and physical health.

Active Essex have also provided guidance and assistance that has been crucial to SportsCool’s’ ongoing development as an organisation. This includes support around OFSTED registration, additional training for staffs, resources for use in our projects, access and guidance around funding, as well as ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions to further enhance colleagues’ key skills and confidence.