Children and Young People

Beckmead Moundwood Academy

Physical activity provision for pupils and the wider community

Through the Opening Schools Facilities (OSF) fund, Beckmead Moundwood in Harlow were able to offer more sport and physical activity provision to its students, as well as open their facilities for the wider community to utilise and enjoy.

Beckmead Moundwood Academy is a pupil referral unit from mainstream settings, which aims to ensure that students receive a quality education which incorporates a blend of academic, vocational and social learning opportunities. School staff understand the importance and impact sport and physical activity can have on the education and overall wellbeing of students, however the quality and variety of provision they were able to offer was very limited. The school wanted to be able to offer new activities after school and with the support from the Active Essex West team and OSF funding, they were able to achieve this.


AE Whos it for
Who's it for?
Disengaged students to learn a new sport and participate in activities after school
AE Prime
Prime Objective:
to make progress for students to go from inactive to active participants
AE Second
Second Objective:
to support students in connecting with local community groups

With an unlevel playing field, unsafe football goals, a lack of gym stations and outdated boxing equipment, it was unsafe for students to use the facilities on offer. Since receiving the OSF funding, within the first year, Beckmead Moundwood Academy have been able to provide gym and boxing sessions, as well as install two new football goals, which have reignited pupils love for playing football and created a more realistic environment for friendly competition.

The boxing sessions have proven to be exceptionally popular, with sessions taking place every Friday over the course of 8 weeks. Some students felt that a coached session wasn’t necessary for them, as they believed that they already knew how to box, however since attending the sessions, they have been learning the correct techniques and tactics and are wanting to learn more. Staff have noticed a positive change in attitudes and also received a huge interest from female students too, which has been encouraging.

We have never had the opportunity to take part in boxing, it’s a really fun but hard sport.
Student at Beckmead Moundwood Academy
young people are now boxing
students were inactive before the programme started
organisations were involved

Key Learnings



Of students and trust towards coaches and PE teachers has improved

Physical Literacy 1


Good equipment makes a difference in young people participating in activities

Relationship 1


Having the right coaches and support network is crucial for relationship building



Working with local partners that have an understanding of pupils being supported is key

As a school being able to offer different opportunities internally, it has allowed us to establish a stronger relationship and stronger trust with pupils. This has led us to entering our first external football tournament, which is a huge milestone for the school and pupils alike. The funding has allowed us to excite pupils again to take part in football with the new goals and equipment, which has in turn enabled us to further enhance the opportunities we provide.
Staff member at Beckmead Moundwood Academy

In addition to these new facilities being used by students, the wider community and external groups have also been able to benefit, by having access in the evenings and at the weekend. This has really increased the usage of the upgraded equipment and in turn, provided an opportunity for more people in the local area to be active.