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Roots to Wellbeing Harlow

Inclusive Cycling Around the Neighbourhood

In partnership with Lee Valley Cycles, Roots to Wellbeing have developed an Inclusive Cycling Around the Neighbourhood project, to encourage cycling in the local community.

The project aimed to address the needs of families in the area that had limited or no access to cycling equipment or facilities to ride. The project also highlighted an important necessity that was inclusive cycling programmes for children with autism and balance issues.

Roots to Wellbeing have built a team of volunteers and also a sustainable infrastructure for cycles to be donated, repaired and serviced and then delivered to families in the area.

Group 1
Who is it for?
Harlow residents in priority neighbourhoods
Goal 1
Prime Objective:
to provide a safe space to practice cycling
Goal 2
Second Objective:
to introduce inclusive cycling programmes

Supported through the Active Essex Find Your Active small grants programme, along with funding from the Essex Cycle Grant, they have had capacity to hold an event specifically for inclusive cycling. The event was held at EXL driving school in Harlow and the project was able to advertise through a local Autism charity.

Due to the events success, bookable sessions were then available for children and adults to gain confidence in riding a bike without assistance. Important lessons were learnt from this that will help to develop the project in terms of a need for inclusive training, equipment and provisions.

Since its conception, Roots to Wellbeing have made important strides in identifying challenges for families living in priority neighbourhoods, as well as those who have SEN children. Together with their partners, this has enabled them to plan for the future and find a way to make cycling inclusive and enjoyable for all.

At the ICAN event at EXL driving school / track we were made aware of one family who live in Harlow and have to travel as far as Basildon for a chance to practice riding a bike. As a young adult living with autism, he can ride a 2 wheeler but has no concept of danger, so requires a safe track for him to cycle on. As part of this project, he was able to try a range of inclusive cycles on loan from Trailnet CIC, including a tandem with his mum.
donated cycles
booked on the one day inclusive event
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