Children and Young People

Dennis and Dyer Boxing

Epping Boxing Academy

Starting in February 2023, Dennis and Dyer set up a number of beginner sessions for young people in Loughton, providing the opportunity for them to find their active through boxing. The classes have been developed for young people who are from a low-income family, display a lack of confidence/self-esteem, or suffer with physical or mental health challenges.

In partnership with local schools, and funded through Find Your Active, Dennis and Dyer targeted 6-15-year-olds, with an introductory series to boost their skills and knowledge around boxing. Since setting up the sessions, coaches have seen a remarkable difference in the behaviour of participants attending, with the young people feeling more confident since participating in physical activity.

AE Whos it for
Who is it for?
6–15yr olds with barriers to physical activity
AE Prime
Prime Objective:
to introduce young people to the benefits of boxing
AE Second
Second Objective:
to improve confidence and self-esteem
See the Find Your Active funded group, in action
young people regularly attending
of participants were inactive before attending
of participants have been female

The young people engaged in the project have regularly attended the sessions, finding the Dennis and Dyer gym a safe place to be, supportive, and seen their self-esteem improve.

Positive feedback from parents and teachers has been received, providing further evidence that boxing makes a difference to young people’s mental health, confidence, and discipline at home and school. In addition, the sessions have helped participants manage breathing, build resilience, and found ways to overcome social anxiety. The relationship the coaches create with their participants, and the environment built by the team, has helped to ensure each young person feels a part of the Dennis and Dyer family.

The people here are really kind and if you’re struggling, they’ll help you. I feel like I get stronger every time I come, and it's helped me to know what to do if I’m in trouble. Boxing is amazing and I never want to give up on it.
Participant, Billie