Strengthening Communities

Colchester Brothers Kinetic Group

Supporting the ethnically diverse community

The Covid-19 pandemic left a growing fear amongst the community not to socialise with each other which led to physical activity not being a priority for many. Set up in September 2020, the Colchester Brothers Kinetic Group was designed by a group of Bangladeshi men who were struggling to access sporting activities in Colchester. After reaching out to members within the community, they knew the need was there.

It was recognised that a majority of this community were inactive and there was a general lack of motivation to get active and keep healthy, with diabetes and heart disease prevalent among the male population. There are religious, cultural and financial barriers for residents in this community when accessing sport and physical activity.

Costs for regular court hire, racquets and shuttles were expensive and the initial funding from Active Essex removed this barrier, enabling and encouraging regular participation.


Group 1
Who is it for?
Bangladeshi men living in and around Colchester District
Goal 1
Prime Objective:
to support ethnically diverse communities to get active
Goal 2
Second Objective:
to support the mental and physical health of residents

Badminton is an expensive sport where costs for continuous, shuttles, rackets court hire are too much to meet for a marginalised community. The initial funding from Active Essex removed this barrier, allowing participants to feel encouraged to participate. With sessions taking place twice a week and regular attendees returning, the Badminton sessions are providing the community with a great social hub.

Group members are now collecting a subsidiary collection of £1 during the weekly sessions to ensure sustainability of the programme.

Participants have made new friendships and connections with other members, benefitting the mental health and wellbeing. There has been clear bonding between father’s and their children who accompany them to the sessions during school holidays. It’s been wonderful to see how the group has improved family life at home.
Founder of Colchester Brothers Kinetic
regular participants
sessions held weekly

Participants have learnt that exercising and staying active can be fun and enjoyable, where previously they needed lots of encouragement to take part. But, due to beginning these sessions during Covid-19 lockdowns, this presented a challenge for the founders as members had to continually self-isolate and would miss sessions.

As we had to stay at home during the pandemic, I really noticed the deuteriation to my health, both physically and mentally. I am much more confident now and focus my attention in looking after myself and exercising. I meet up and see other members of my community and have made new friends, which I wouldn’t have otherwise done.
Ahmed, Participant