Strengthening Communities

Showcasing Castle Point

Sport England launch nationally investment on Canvey Island

In November 2023, Sport England visited Canvey Island to announce unprecedented investment into local communities nationally, to drive equal access to sport and physical activity.

The launch took place at Waterside Farm Leisure Centre on Canvey Island, Castle Point, which had in attendance Sport England Senior Leadership team, Essex County Council Deputy Leader, Essex strategic partners, locally trusted organisations and Essex Chief Executives. The event brought to life the narrative of how this significant investment will build upon the learnings from Essex’s place relationship work, supporting communities with deepened inequalities.


Group 1
Who is it for?
Strategic leaders and local partners from Castle Point
Goal 1
Prime Objective:
to launch Sport England’s new place expansion initiative nationally
Goal 2
Second Objective:
to highlight the impact this funding will have on places like Castle Point

The event was held in Essex, as they showcased their learnings, successes, and challenges of the 3 Active Essex Local Delivery Pilot areas, of Basildon, Colchester and Tendring. Canvey Island, in Castle Point was chosen to host the event, as this provided an excellent example of the type of area where this significant investment can make a difference.

The event on Canvey Island, helped provide insight and examples of how this funding will be applied, and highlighted the support this funding will offer. Castle Point are in a fantastic position to build on opportunities that already exist, and work more collaboratively to strive to create an active locality, for everyone’s health and wellbeing.


This Place-Based Systemic work will see Sport England partner with 80-100 new places through a network of existing 12 Place Partners and up to 43 Active Partnerships across England, to foster relationships with local organisations and leaders, and overcome the specific barriers to physical activity that exist in their communities.

Combined with investment made through 43 Active Partnerships across England, of which Active Essex is one, Sport England has used funding to target systemic barriers to activity. Consequently, all places will benefit from increased activity amongst the people who are typically less active.

With Sport England’s Place Expansion initiative, it will help to create long term sustainable benefits for residents, over the coming years. Working alongside Active Essex we are looking forward to deepening our relationships with partners across the district.
Shane Williams, Castle Point Council