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Classes by Gill Bauer

Created by Gill and funded through Find Your Active, these classes provide an opportunity for local residents to take time to support their mental wellbeing. Her Qi Gong class offers gentle exercises, focusing on breathing to help those with poor mental health, whilst the Menocize class supports women and young adults going through perimenopause.

Working with the Brentwood Social Prescribing team to signpost the opportunity of Qi Gong, and developing her already strong relationship with Chat 1st, Gill created these community sessions to support both adults and young people with their mental health. Sessions focused on breathing and gentle exercise, ensuring it was accessible and inclusive to all, improving participants mood, energy and optimism.

A 13-week programme was also created to support women through the menopause, menses, fertility, and pelvic health support. Gill’s Menocize classes offered practical self-help, knowledge workshops and exercises to deal with hormones, hot flushes, sleep, emotions, mood swings and aches and pains. Gill encouraged mothers and daughters to attend, to raise awareness.

AE Whos it for
Who is it for?
Adults and young people in Brentwood
AE Prime
Prime Objective:
to improve wellbeing through positive mindset
AE Second
Second Objective:
to support individuals through changes
I’ve been offering community classes for many years and offered a range of different activities because not everyone is the same, not everyone is able to perform the same type of classes, and it’s important we ensure there is something for everyone. After my GP referral training, I am now able to offer specific activities for certain health issues like heart, bone, depression, anxiety, and mental health, as well as asthma and diabetes.

There has been an increasing need to talk about women’s health, as it often becomes a taboo topic. Through the Find Your Active grant, thanks to London Marathon Foundation following RideLondon-Essex 2022, the Find Your Active Community Connector supported the conception of this project, whilst the Active Essex hub team introduced referral pathways.

The social prescribing in Brentwood really strengthened the offer to the local community, and the team actively seek to support projects like Gills. This has contributed to the success of the classes, improving people’s wellbeing whilst waiting for clinical appointments as early intervention.

attending QiGong
unique residents engaged
attending Menocize
The Qi Gong class is a great way to stay connected to other people and I look forward to coming and really prioritise this time. Qi Gong is for everyone. It’s been good for my mental health as it helps me feel calm and able to cope with day-to-day struggles.