Active Environments

The Big Walk

A celebration walk, at the Markshall Estate

The Finding Your Feet walks have grown over a number of years and the connections, progress and successes individuals have achieved deserved to be celebrated. The BIG WALK showcased the positive impacts of the current walking programme.

Alongside Finding Your Feet walkers, the Walk Motivator was able to engage individuals from groups including Mencap, Rethink and LACE (Life After Cancer Essex). In order to make sure everyone was catered for, those with limited mobility were offered buggy’s, enabling them to enjoy the walk and its surroundings. There was also access support to the venue through community transport for all.

The BIG WALK offered an amazing opportunity for people to take part in accessible physical activity, celebrating small wins, meet new people and enjoy the stunning surroundings that many would otherwise be unable to access. It also supports the charity Markshall, by showcasing their venue and encouraging others to attend future walks.

AE Whos it for
Who's it for?
Residents of Colchester and Braintree who are members of walking groups
AE Prime
Prime Objective:
to showcase and celebrate the positive impacts of the walking programme
AE Second
Second Objective
to encourage walkers to meet others, create new social connections and increase participation

Identifying a need to bring the range of walking groups together, and encourage regular communication with their walkers, this walk provided many benefits and created new opportunities for future connections. Following the success of the BIG WALK they have seen an increase in attendance across all of their regular walking groups and have even added new walks and volunteers to their cohort.

people attended the walk
walks taking place weekly
volunteers support the walks

The benefits of walking include improving your cardiovascular fitness, meaning you can do more for longer. Walking also helps improve balance and increases bone strength which for the older residents attending is key. Finding Your Feet have also seen improvement to individuals’ mental wellbeing, having social connection and time in green space.

It was lovely to walk in beautiful surroundings on such a bright sunny day. I’ve spoken to people I’ve never met before which goes to show how walking with a group stops you feeling anxious about talking to someone new.