Active Environments

Braintree Skate Jam

Bringing the local community together

Helping to inspire young people into wheel-based activities, Braintree have offered a number of skate jam events and workshops, bringing communities together to utilise and activate local green spaces and parks.

The skate park facility also provides a positive intervention for young people, reducing anti-social behaviour, increasing physical activity levels and positive mental wellbeing.

Active Essex helping to host the event, highlighted the importance of the skate park to local families. It showcases the impact it can have on the community if refurbishments were made, young people may use it more to get active.


Group 1
Who is it for?
Local residents who want to try wheel-based activities
Goal 1
Prime Objective:
to inspire young people into wheel-based activities
Goal 2
Second Objective:
to encourage communities to utilise local green spaces
Skating is special because it brings everyone together! You make friends, laugh and jokes and create good memories and learn so many things!
Kai, local resident

The wheel-based activities were funded through Find Your Active and supported by London Marathon Foundation, offering two mini skate jam workshops through Braintree, Essex ActivAte clubs, helping to target young people who were eligible for benefits based free school meals and working families who would benefit from extra support.

The workshop included a taster session into wheel-based activities, supported by Team Rubicon, a professional skateboarding partner, to introduce skateboarding at Notley High School and Braintree Sport and Health Centre. Essex ActivAte provider, Camp 4 Champs, invited residents to join in the workshop at Notley High School, along with fun activities and signposting support for families. Hosted by YMCA, Braintree Sport and Health Centre held a taster skateboarding workshop for children, leading into a further bigger event, due to the successes of the sessions.

young people attended mini skate jam workshops
residents attended the Braintree skate jam event
Our officers had a great time attending the skateboarding event in Weavers Park #braintree on Saturday. We weren't quite brave enough to give it a go, but we were impressed with the skills and enthusiasm of the participants. It was especially great to see the novice riders being mentored by their peers. We enjoyed the opportunity to connect with the community in such a fun way. Thank you to Braintree District Council and Active Essex for organising and to everyone that joined in #ProtectingAndServingEssex
@Essex Police

Developing from the workshops, a successful skate jam event was held at Weavers skatepark to bring the local community together and show how the space can be used to get residents active for free. King Ramps, another wheel-based provider, offered wheel-based demonstrations and held competitions to inspire young people.

Local partners such as the SOS bus and the Terence Higgins Trust helped run the event and Tesco provided free fruit, sandwiches and snacks. Partnership from Braintree District Council, Essex Youth Service and King Ramps ensured the event would be a success to help secure funding for the skate park to be revamped.

It’s an opportunity for young people to get involved with some professional skateboarders and also more importantly, because we are refurbishing the skate park, we want to get their ideas about how we can improve the skate park facilities, what would work for them and what they would like to see.
Jo Norris, Community Engagement officer at Braintree District Council