Children and Young People

Making It Mindful

Supporting families through mindfulness and movement

Making It Mindful provides fun-filled, interactive mindfulness and movement programmes to support families and children across Braintree, ensuring a safe space for every individual to express themselves through creative and active incentives, allowing them to benefit from physical activity, learning new skills and meeting others.

Due to the success of the Essex ActivAte club, Active Essex supported Milli to offer a term time club, family food programmes and developed a parent and child & baby movement class. Milli has connected with the community and listened to families’ needs, strengthening local relationships and bringing people together.

HAF Whos it for
Who is it for?
Supporting families in Braintree through physical and mental wellbeing activities
HAF Prime
Prime Objective:
to give families confidence in themselves and learning new skills
EA Second
Second Objective:
to offer a range of incentives to bring the Braintree community together

Making it Mindful run their classes for children aged 8-13 years old and sessions are primarily for children who receive benefit based free school meal or low-income families.

As well as supporting the holiday activity and food programme and offering a term time club, Making It Mindful offered other incentives such as two 6-week food programmes, and two new projects of parent and child/baby movement, which were asked by parents who attended other Making It Mindful sessions.

My daughter really enjoyed it and it was great for her to be able to socialise with others as we have not long moved to the area!

Milli has replicated and expanded her offer geographically as she’s able to support with a personable approach in regard to individual needs of local families.

Making it Mindful have demonstrated over the last three years their commitment to improving physical and mental wellbeing for families in Braintree. They have now built a good report with residents and look forward to providing more incentives to support families in Braintree.

families supported through 3x 6 week cooking programmes
young people supported through Essex ActivAte programmes
residents supported through the Find Your Active fund
The food programme was so lovely and made me realise how lonely some parents are in the area. Mostly single mums attend this group who have one child, so it’s usually just the both of them. It was nice to bring them together, having children bonding with their mothers whilst sitting at the table eating their meal that they just cooked together!
Milli, Making It Mindful Founder