Sport and Physical Activity

Braintree BMX Club

Inspiring the community through BMX

Braintree BMX encourage all ages to join the fast paced, community-based sports club, providing locals with the opportunity to cycle on a BMX track. With experienced coaches, some riders have gone on to become World Champions.

The club offers an introduction to BMX, which is focused on bringing riders who have limited experience giving them the opportunity to do BMX for free for 4 weeks. With the aim to create competitive activity, they have also created an environment for social groups and inclusive community cohesion that has been established.

Group 1
Who is it for?
Braintree-based residents with an interest in BMX
Goal 1
Prime Objective:
to encourage residents to try out BMX'ing
Goal 2
Second Objective:
to triple number of people participating in cycling
If we can support children to find something they enjoy from a young age, studies show that they will sustain that behaviour through their life.
Jools Allen, Head Coach at Braintree BMX

As well as receiving an Essex Cycle Grant, Braintree BMX were successful in being awarded Find Your Active small grant funding, which is provided by the London Marathon Foundation, as a result of Ford RideLondon-Essex 2023. The funding allowed the club to invite new riders and provide this introduction programme for free. Some of the Active Essex funding has also developed the facilities such as expanding the track.

50% of the attendees are now at a level where they can compete in club races and events which shows the engagement the club has had in introducing these young people into the BMX community. Being part of this community has meant that new friendships have been formed, as well as increased confidence among the participants.

sessions in total through the Essex Cycle Grant
attendees joined the club
unique children under the age 16 attended
Hear from some of the Braintree BMX participants, and their coach on the impact of this funding