Active Environments

Braintree Canoe Club

Getting the Braintree community active through water sports

Offering weekly canoeing sessions to the local community, Paddle For All canoeing club welcomes residents of all ages to explore the thrill of canoeing, as well as enjoy the benefits of water sports.

Although the club is aimed at all residents, Paddle For All want to increase their reach to women and girls, grow their female memberships and increase physical health levels through kayaking and canoeing and paddle boarding.


AE Whos it for
Who's it for?
Braintree residents who want to try new water sports
AE Prime
Prime Objective:
Target new women and girls and increase female memberships
AE Second
Second Objective:
Increase physical activity levels across Braintree

Through Active Essex funding, Paddle For All offer taster sessions at the local swimming pool, introducing Braintree residents to water sports at a slower pace. Their Saturday morning pool sessions have been in high demand, increasing occupancy by 50%. The club are now seeking extra pool availability and are looking to arrange more outdoor paddles in 2024.

New equipment has also been funded by Active Essex, helping to increase female members’ confidence and self-esteem, as they feel more comfortable in the water, as well as more eager to participate in paddleboarding.

local residents have a Braintree Canoe Club membership
of people who attended the taster sessions, signed up to become a member
new enquires made since offering free taster sessions to the community

New members have increased diversity within the club, with friendships formed and there now being a real sense of belonging within the community due to the common interest of water sports.

The club have connected into other networks across Braintree, which has supported the initiative to grow and develop. Braintree Canoeing Club nominated a club member to Braintree’s Annual Activity & Volunteer Awards, with their nomination winning the ‘Long Service Award.’


New audiences

An increase of women and young girls are wanting to try water sports


Understanding barriers

By listening to feedback around the barriers to water sports, club diversity has increased



Providing new equipment increased women and girls’ confidence

With the financial support received, Braintree Canoeing Club is determined to make every penny count, towards helping our local community and members enjoy the many benefits of being involved in paddle sports.
Staff member