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Thurrock Swimming Club

Paddling for Health

Thurrock Swimming Club provide a fully inclusive programme that helps to develop residents’ swimming skills and confidence in their teaching pool at Black Shots Leisure Centre.

They are the only competitive club in the area with over 400 members, from complete beginners right up to National Level, providing pathways for competitive and non-competitive swimmers. The club has played a crucial role in reaching different communities in Thurrock. 35% of participants are from ethnic diverse communities and 8% of these members have learning difficulties or are young carers.


Group 1
Who is it for?
Individuals living in Thurrock
Goal 1
Prime Objective:
to provide opportunities for children and young people to be active
Goal 2
Second Objective:
to offer pathways into coaching and teaching experience in the sector

The club works closely with the Council, social services, and primary schools with the aim to be a hub for children and young adults who need support both in and out of the pool.

The club offers a joint approach to helping the community through provision of teaching and coaching swimmers, bringing families together, supporting the community, offering employment opportunities, and providing swimmers with live saving skills, confidence, and improved wellbeing. The project will further support the community and provide all ages the opportunity to learn, enjoy and be an active member of Thurrock.

In addition to teaching and coaching swimmers at the club, the club also aims to build a large volunteer base and to provide teaching and coaching experience and courses for their members. Together they are working hard to children off the streets and offer them further opportunities. After the success of reopening the teaching pool, the club aim to continue to grow their club and continue to provide support and opportunities to their community to get active and live well.

swimmers recruited into swimming aged 5-10
young adults who are young carers/have a disability.
swimmers recruited in a year (June 2022)
Active Essex has helped the club rebuild following the pandemic, which has made a huge difference to many within Thurrock, particularly children. We have been able to open up the teaching facility to help the swimmers learn how to swim and develop their swimming, cognitive and physical skills.
Corrine Williams, Club Secretary