Children and Young People

Grangewaters Outdoor Activity Centre

Outdoor activities for young people

Working closely with Essex ActivAte, Grangewaters Outdoor Activity Centre offers secondary and SEND activity clubs to Thurrock families in a unique setting with more than 70 acres of greenery consisting of a natural woodland, two lakes and activity areas.

Outdoor adventure activities are offered such as canoeing, kayaking, paddleboard, abseiling and more, giving young people opportunities to try new activities in a safe and relaxing, outdoors environment.


HAF Whos it for
Who's it for?
Secondary and SEND children and young people
HAF Prime
Prime Objective:
Provide a safe environment for children to enjoy outdoor adventures
EA Second
Second Objective:
Offer unique activities to give children a sense of belonging

Due to the extensive green space, Grangewaters also offer scavenger hunts and den building, allowing young people to connect with nature and learn life skills. Indoor space is also available for young people to relax and enjoy enrichment sessions. The venue prides themselves in being safe and easily accessible, due to being in an area of deprivation in Thurrock, families can walk to the venue if they don’t have other means of transport.

Activity sessions give all children the chance to enjoy nutritious food, physical activity and enrichment activities in a relaxed environment right by a beautiful lake which is great for mental wellbeing. Young people are seen to make friendships and socialise in safe and supported environments as they feel comfortable and relaxed being around others. Parents also appreciate the support given as sending their children to a club allows them to focus on their own physical and mental wellbeing too.

Encouraging young people to try something new
secondary and SEND spaces filled across Easter HAF clubs
primary, secondary and SEND spaces filled across summer HAF clubs
secondary and SEND spaces filled across winter HAF

Introducing children to new physical activity at Grangewaters makes them feel more confident about learning different skills, also providing valuable memories for life. Grangewaters have multiple rangers and staff on site who are trained to help support children with their SEND requirements.

Grangewaters are welcoming provider who accept all eligible young people and those with SEND to ensure they can give them access to an opportunity that they may not have the chance to enjoy without the likes of the HAF programme running in the area.

The organisation continues to see more young children and families attend their clubs each year and Essex ActivAte are excited to continuing to work with them throughout 2024.

We believe that this programme has been so beneficial to Artem as he transitions to life in an English school this September. The programme has been inclusive for Artem and his compatriots, understanding the various activities without any complications, whilst tasting and enjoying different foods.
Chris, deliverer