Active Environments

Maldon Skate Jam

Inspiring young people to try wheel-based activities

To bring communities together and activate local green spaces, Maldon offered mini Skatejams and wheel-based workshops, providing a positive intervention for young people, reducing anti-social behaviour (ASB) and increasing physical activity, as well as giving children a sense of belonging.

Promenade Park suffered from high levels of ASB, youth nuisance, vandalism and substance misuse post lockdown, therefore it was important to raise the awareness of the positive interventions the skate park can bring to the local community.

AE Whos it for
Who's it for?
Young people who cannot access wheel-based activities
AE Prime
Prime Objective:
to support young people’s physical health
AE Second
Second Objective:
to bring communities together activating green spaces

Funded through Find Your Active and supported by London Marathon Foundation, mini skate jam workshops were offered through Maldon’s Essex ActivAte club to target young people who were eligible for families with deep inequalities.

At Dengie Skate Park, a workshop was run by King Ramps, a trusted skating partner, which included a taster session into wheel-based activities to introduce skateboarding to the local community. Young people were able to access the skate park with the equipment to inspire them to use the park more than they had done before, as it was a two-minute walk from their local Essex ActivAte club. The mini workshop was a taster session into the bigger event and was a success in inspiring young people to use their scooter or bike.

The skate park has helped me massively build my confidence! I am usually quite shy, but when I am down at the skatepark, I love meeting new people from my area which I share a common interest with.

Following on from the taster sessions, the Maldon community skate jam event took place during Ride London weekend, which brought the local community together, as well as inspired young people to use their local skate park for free, helping to activate the space.

funded to enhance the skate park, off the back of the skate jam
young people attended mini skate jam workshops
residents attended the Maldon skate jam community event

Maldon District Council, Maldon Community Safety Partnership, Essex Youth Service and King Ramps collaborated to ensure the event would be a great success, with Essex Youth Service working with young people and Maldon District Council revamp the skate park due to residents’ feedback.

Following on from the success from the event it highlighted the design, lighting, and safety were considered. Maldon District Council put forward an Essex Safer Streets bid in hope to improve the skate park which was approved in November 2023. The bid will hope to bring a well design park with young people input, being inclusive for young males and females, facilities to be safe and lit, CCTV and youth shelters.

The recent event enabled us to review of decision making around the new skate park for Maldon Promenade in terms of the need for a skate area for new and transition users, and safety factors that influence use. We used this consultation exercise to inform our Essex PFCC Safer Streets bid that was successful, and it will complement funds to develop a new bespoke facility which is more inclusive. We will also be working with the charity: Make Space for Girls to explore the use of green spaces going forward.
Spencer Clarke, Public Protection Manager, Public Health & Protection Services, Chelmsford City Council