Ministry Of Food Programme

Food education sessions to support organisations and local communities

Working with Jamie Oliver’s Ministry Of Food has given locally trusted organisations the pillar to provide food education sessions, helping families and young people learn to cook recipes at home and understand the importance of different food groups to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Back in December 2022, Active Essex contacted Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food (MOF) programme and discussed the potential partnership with the Holiday Activity and Food programme (HAF) to gain further support in providing food education and nutritious meals at HAF clubs.

HAF Prime
Who's it for?
Locally trusted organisations and families who attend HAF clubs
HAF Prime
Prime Objective:
Educate providers and parents how to cook on a budget
EA Second
Second Objective:
Support knowledge of food education and a healthy lifestyle

Further conversations resulted in MOF training selected delivery partners ahead of the summer 2023 programme, to educate them on how to prepare and deliver healthy meals, so that providers could further support families and children who attended HAF clubs across Essex and Thurrock.

Ministry Of Food started their training in May with providers, offering two online sessions, followed by an intensive three-day training course in June at Braxted Park. Partners found the training extremely informative and learnt a wide range of new cooking and kitchen skills, as well as how to cook healthy recipes on a budget.

Essex ActivAte providers take part in MOF training

The relationship between Essex ActivAte and MOF has significantly strengthened as Cheryl who leads on food education within the HAF team, was invited to Jamie Oliver's HQ in Holloway London to be part of a panel of three, to discuss Jamie Oliver's social impact report which was hosted by celebrity chef, Max La Manna, to an audience of fifty people from Ministry of Food.

children and young people supported through food education
children engaged in cooking sessions with MOF across the summer programme
locally trusted organisations completed the MOF training

During the summer holidays, KidzActive in Uttlesford, a HAF providers who took part in the MOF training programme, worked alongside the MOF team, offering cooking sessions which engaged and educated children on cooking skills and healthy foods at their HAF club. The young people were gifted a signed recipe book from Jamie Oliver himself. Read the case study below to find out more.


The relationship between Essex ActivAte and MOF has hugely developed over the last year and has brought food to the forefront of the HAF programme, teaching providers, parents and children how to cook on a budget and enjoy food education. Jamie Oliver himself has supported the initiative on social media channels, helping to also raise awareness of the HAF programme nationally and it’s benefits for eligible children and young people across the county.