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Vibing Fit

Vibing Fit, based in Harlow at the Latton Bush centre, is a programme produced by Dance Fusion, as a fitness class created and developed as a stepping stone to inclusive dance session. The initiative was set up with the intention to be a more accessible way to get fit and active through the love of dance and movement.

Active Essex funded the Vibing Fit sessions through it’s Find Your Active Small Grants initiative, in July 2021, as an accessible way for people to get active and socialise following the Covid-19 pandemic. Like many, Dance Fusion recognised the effects the pandemic had had on resident’s mental health and wanted to ensure they had an outlet following the lockdowns. Vibing Fit has allowed Dance Fusion to create a sociable space for people to build positive mental and physical health following the pandemic.


Group 1
Who is it for?
Individuals 16yrs and above at any ability
Goal 1
Prime Objective:
to support individuals to look after their physical and mental health
Goal 2
Second Objective:
to introduce residents to dance in a supportive environment

Based around the ethos that physical activity provides ‘me time’ and a chance to connect with other like-minded individuals, Vibing Fit created a relaxed and informal atmosphere for those continuing their fitness journey and for those seeking an activity for the first time. Participants have joined sessions due to social isolation, degenerative illness and ill health, but the supportive nature of the group has helped participants make a positive change to their lifestyle.

In its developmental stages, Dance Fusion found that they needed to create a class which catered for all abilities, making it an accessible opportunity for all residents to attend. Throughout the class low and high impact options are given to accommodate everyone.

With easy-to-follow dance moves, we’ve tried to create a class which allows you to get moving, socialise and have some ‘me time’, all whilst dancing to our favourite songs. No matter what kind of day our participants have had, Vibing Fit is the best way to lift their mood!
Deliverer, Dance Fusion
participants attend on average per week
participants never accessed a physical activity session
increase in uptake over the last 6 months

Through understanding and building relationships with their members, Dance Fusion have better understood and in turn adapted their approaches to delivery, to ensure those with limitations can continue to access and benefit from the activity in the same way. With a significant age range difference among participants, this has strengthened peer support and encouragement between them.

To further develop this inclusive dance session and to replicate, a varied marketing approach needs to take place in order to ensure engagement of different audience types.