Children and Young People


A safe place for young people

Specialising in teaching, supporting, and maintaining physical growth that will also empower minds, Project:ME is a programme that provides a safe place for young people, helping them to build confidence and self-esteem, whilst increasing participation in physical activity and focusing on positive mental wellbeing.

Taking place on the Greenstead estate in Colchester, Project:ME have been supporting children and families who lack confidence in getting involved with physical activity. Through funding from the Essex Local Delivery Pilot (ELDP) since April 2022, the initiative has been helping residents who live in deprived areas and those who are unable to access physical activity due to the lack of support and funds.

Group 2
Who's it for?
Young people aged 9-19
LDP Prime
Prime Objective:
to help build confidence and self-esteem
LDP Second
Second Objective:
to increase participation in physical activity

Sessions have been designed for young people who attend local schools such as Colchester Academy, Unity Primary Academy and Parsons Heath Primary School as an after-school club.

Although the 18-week programme is for young people, it has seen a huge impact on the local community and how they interact with it. The participants have since gone on to engage in physical activity outside the educational setting too.

young people have been supported through the programme
of children increased the amount of physical of activity they did
indicated their health had improved thanks to the project

The test and learn pilot also included some parent/carer wrap around support. 7 parents took part in 1 to 1 Life Coaching and support through physical activity sessions, supporting the wider family unit through movement and showcasing ways to reach positive mental wellbeing.

I loved joining in the fun games Vicki made to get us moving, and the dancing was so much fun. It also inspired me to use my own skipping rope at home more!
10-year-old participant