Levelling Up Health and Wellbeing

Age Well East

Physical Activity Hub

To enable residents, aged 50+ living with long term health conditions or a disability to access holistic physical activity for increased strength and fitness, specialist sports flooring was installed at Age Well East’s Colchester hub site.

Physical activity had previously been significantly restricted due to the flooring in the building and the worrying of safety for residents with mobility issues. Funded through the Essex Local Delivery Pilot, the Age Well East team have seen significant benefits, including a newly designed physical activity programme for its participants. This has since included, seated exercise, line dancing, Tai Chi and activities through the Dementia Café.

The well-established Dementia group have been able to utilise the room regularly and offer additional activities such as table tennis, skittles and bowls. Fundamentally, as key users of the room, they helped to select the floor colour; the colour blue was chosen as this is the last colour a dementia patient loses, making it much more inviting for these participants.


Group 1
Who is it for?
Aged 50+ living with health conditions
Goal 1
Prime Objective:
to improve participants health and wellbeing
Goal 2
Second Objective:
to reduce social isolation among participants

Active Essex have helped to co-produce the project, alongside Age Well East, strengthening this important relationship further. The physical activity programme has helped provide regular opportunities for participants to attend, supporting their physical and mental wellbeing, as well as their social interaction.

Over the past year, many participants now regularly attend more than one class, as they want to catch up with their newly formed friends. Through the introduction of a new floor, it has helped make the room more conducive to movement and made it a more inviting, and safer space to get active in.

adult attendances
unique participants
We have worked closely with Active Essex, who have helped guide us through the process. It really helped that we were able to discuss the funding bid and have an open communication throughout the process. A relatively simple change has transformed the use of this facility to enable physical activity to take place in a safe environment that clients of Age Well East were familiar and comfortable in visiting.
Age Well East Representative