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Women Together

Supporting Vulnerable Women

Women Together aims to integrate vulnerable women from different backgrounds into the local community. During 2020 they expanded their normal offer to provide virtual physical sessions for women who are isolated in their homes and busy supporting their families.

Women Together support vulnerable women suffering from anxiety, depression or domestic violence issues. The group hold numerous forum events throughout the year providing advice, support, art activities and speakers on health topics. These events aim to bring everyone together with the sharing of food being an integral part. Although physical activity was not a prime objective for the group, the social aspect and building the women’s confidence has been the true driving force behind the setup of the group 6 years ago. Some ladies have even found jobs through the various speakers and some have accessed support through their various organisations.


Group 1
Who's it for?
Women in Basildon
Goal 1
Prime Objective:
to support vulnerable women
Goal 2
Second Objective:
reduce social isolation for positive wellbeing
Active Essex were delighted to expand on their existing relationship with women together by providing tackling inequalities funding to help support the set-up of the new online sessions. This funding has enabled women together to create a safe space online for women who felt they have limited opportunity to stay active during the pandemic and hope to continue this engagement with the group going forward.
Juliette Raison, Active Essex Relationship Manager
Women Together
I have been coming to Women Together since it started. It has improved my English skills and I feel more confident. I have made friends and feel I can talk to them to offload my problems.
A participant