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Walking Football

Brokering a relationship in Basildon, Southend United Football Club established a weekly walking football session to encourage men and women, aged 50+ to stay active, and meet others from their local area.

After talking to the already formed group ‘Senior Shrimpers’, who meet regularly at the football stadium to socialise, they voiced that they would enjoy a walking football group to increase their physical activity levels and boost their social wellbeing.

The walking football sessions have been based at Eversley Leisure Centre, which has provided the opportunity for those that do not live near the football stadium to attend. Over the course of the development of this project, it has become so popular that an additional session has been set up in Southend to ensure everyone can be catered for across the locations.


Group 1
Who is it for?
Men and women aged 50+
Goal 1
Prime Objective:
to improve physical and mental wellbeing
Goal 2
Second Objective:
to encourage local social interaction

Active Essex have supported the project through offering funding to allow the sessions to be accessed for free, in turn reducing a significant barrier for many in the local area.

As a result of the project, it has allowed Southend United Football club to meet and work with new people outside of their normal delivery and been able to offer participants further opportunities to engage with others and remain active. Most recently, this has included the Senior Shrimpers Café, encouraging participants to socialise and share common interests.

Hear how Bob finds his session, what he learns and the impact it's having on his life.
Bob, Participant
Listen to recording by: Bob, Participant
Hear how Gary has made friends, and where he first heard about the sessions!
Gary, Participant
Listen to recording by: Gary, Participant
Discussing the physical benefits of engaging in walking football sessions.
Nigel, Participant
Listen to recording by: Nigel, Participant
participants have attended
participants regularly attend
Leading on the Walking Football Project has been extremely enjoyable. I have loved meeting new people and past on my experience I have had within football over the years. It keeps everyone fit and healthy and keeps me in shape too.
Frankie Banks, Coach