Sport and Physical Activity

Young Leaders Programme (LIT)

Giving young people experience in community sport settings

Piloted this summer through the HAF programme, Leaders In Training gave young people opportunities to enhance their life skills and knowledge for future employment across Essex ActivAte clubs.

The LIT programme was developed through the natural progression of young person’s engagement with the HAF programme from a young age, seeing the positive outcomes that the programme delivers.

AE Whos it for
Who's it for?
Secondary aged young people who attend HAF clubs
AE Prime
Prime Objective:
Offer valuable experience in community sport settings
AE Second
Second Objective:
Develop young leaders’ skills and build their confidence

HAF delivery partners expressed an interest in using skills that young people attending clubs developed through activities delivered. The LIT programme offered many opportunities for young people such as valuable experience in community sport settings, leadership and teambuilding skills, working closely with the HAF programme to deliver and gain experience supporting holiday clubs and future involvement in volunteering and community events.

Inspiring the next generation
“ATF helped me build up my confidence by showing me that I shouldn’t be afraid of what people think of me! The coaches are role models and an ambition I would like to work towards being in the future.”
Young Leader
young leaders took part in the programme
organisations supported the initiative
weeks of skill and confidence development through the summer

Participants were given a support booklet to journal their experience and provide feedback, as well as access free, online resources and branded merchandise. A certificate was given on completion, along with a written reference for future employment opportunities.

Further rewards included CV building and support, access to training and qualifications from a range of providers and working alongside industry experts.

“One of our young leaders Connor, took well to his newfound leadership role. The children looked to Connor as an adult due to his responsibilities. Connor has always been told that he isn’t capable of doing things; this summer he proved he was capable of more than he even knew he was. He met every target, he loved the challenges, he worked extremely hard and the achievement he felt was evident! He made friends with other young leaders which has had a positive impact, as Connor has made lasting friendships with his peers which is so important to him and us as a family.”
HAF Club Provider