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Working in Partnership

The Restructure of the Maldon Livewell Partnership Board

After a Maldon District Council restructure and a new recruit into the position of a Health Improvement Officer, it became apparent that there was a need for system join up and a restructure of the Maldon Livewell Partnership Board.

This would allow the board to work more effectively and align better working towards Maldon’s local health priorities of obesity, mental health, social isolation and older people’s health across the eco-system. Prior to the restructure, many external partners were attending multiple meetings, which was not an effective use of their time.

The overlap between the three subgroups, ensures:


Hand shake
various projects have joined-up approach
increase partner awareness
reduces the risk of duplication
The close partnership working between Maldon District Council, Active Essex, United in Kind and MIND has been unique, and a testament to the approach and delivery seen in the small but close-knit Maldon District. Partners can achieve more together - the organisation and restructure of the Maldon District Livewell Board has truly exemplified this.
Emily Fallon, Health Improvement Officer, Maldon District Council