Children and Young People

Growth of Maldon HAF programme

Essex ActivAte expands within the Maldon community

Local organisations supporting vulnerable families and children in the mid Essex district through free activities

Throughout the years, Maldon District Council, Maldon CVS and Active Essex have worked together to find local partners to support residents, as well as connecting with local schools and organisations to provide activities to support children’s physical and mental wellbeing.

HAF Whos it for
Who is it for?
Low-income families and children on benefit based free school meals in the Maldon district
HAF Prime
Prime objective:
to deliver fun physical, enrichment and food activities, as well as a nutritious meal
EA Second
Second objective:
to support the physical and mental wellbeing of local families and children

During the first year of the HAF programme throughout the pandemic, clubs were secured in Heybridge and Woodham Walter, including one SEND club. Now in Easter 2023, Maldon has seven clubs including one SEND and one mental wellbeing. Two located in central Maldon, two in Heybridge and one in Burnham on Crouch. The clubs offer a wide range of activities such as sports, arts and crafts and food nutrient activities, also hitting the top free school meal areas.

Schools’ engagement has improved to support the HAF programme and ensure families can access the provision. Working with WONDE has allowed children on benefit based free school meals to receive e-Vouchers, directly sending them a digital link to book onto local clubs.

In 2022, Maldon engaged 10 out of 19 primary schools in the local area, however in 2023, 17 out of 19 primary schools now work with HAF to provide the programme to eligible families.

new clubs delivering across Maldon
primary schools providing e-Voucher for families
increase of total spaces from 2021 to 2023

Organisations who provide the HAF programme also provide further support in the Maldon area. In 2021, Roaring Lions and Relax Kids received funding through Find Your Active to put on a term time club for children, and Relax Kids also supported the 2011 Maldon U Festival. In 2023, Little Sporters supported the Maldon CVS free, family activity sessions during the Easter holidays.

Local organisations have shown support and partnership by using their knowledge, skills and resources to further help the Maldon community.

It's been fantastic to see the HAF programme growing in the Maldon District and giving young people the opportunity to be active during the school holidays. From visiting some of the clubs, it's brilliant to see the variety of activities on offer and its clear to see from the excitement and engagement from those attending that they really value these sessions!
Ben Thornett - Maldon District Council
Supporting eligible children and young people through free activities

Funded by Essex ActivAte through Department of Education, the collaborative work of Maldon District Council, Maldon CVS and Active Essex has appointed new providers in the Maldon and enabled them to provide further clubs and events in the local area to support the community.

Essex ActivAte have provided opportunities, activities and support to the local community and families through the HAF programme as well as introduce them to working families and signpost others to create activities in the area.

Our development from Little Scrummers rugby programme to now running a full schools programme Little Sportsters Coaching, has given us greater interaction with more children and families in the area who we are then able to engage with in becoming active and stay active during holiday times. The project has now developed into providing further opportunities into Heybridge Primary School and will move into the Tiptree area by the end of this year to offer at Milldene Primary school as well.
Neil - Little Sportsters HAF Club Owner