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The Essex Local Delivery Pilot

After launching the Changing One Million Lives strategy in 2017, later that year, Active Essex were able to secure a fantastic opportunity to work as a pilot to test and learn innovative approaches to increase physical activity levels even further in Essex. In 2017, Sport England announced a new major £100m Local Delivery Pilot programme to help tackle population levels of physical inactivity. Essex was one of the 12 pilots chosen by Sport England to test innovative approaches that could unlock something ground-breaking for the whole country and find solutions that increase activity levels that are genuinely replicable and sustainable.

Led by Active Essex, the Essex Local Delivery Pilot (ELDP) aims to build healthier, more active communities across the county. An active lifestyle creates huge benefits for the health and wellbeing of individuals and families, as well as making local communities more vibrant, connected, and resilient. The ELDP is the only pilot in the East region and is focused on over 400,000 people who live in the county’s most disadvantaged areas, and where individuals and families are facing the greatest inequalities. 1 in 4 people in Essex are inactive, which rises to as much as 1 in 2 in our least affluent communities.