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Early Intervention Project

Little Stars was developed as an early intervention project to engage children and parents with positive experiences in active play, helping to motivate and develop confidence.

The World Health Organisation recommends nursery pupils have 180 minutes of physical activity daily (120 minutes moderate and 60 minutes high impact) but many children fall well beneath this level.


Group 1
Who is it for?
Children at nursery
Goal 1
Prime Objective:
increase physical activity levels among children and their parents
Goal 2
Second Objective:
to motivate and develop confidence in active play

Since the implementation of the PE and Sport Premium funding in 2014, schools have been aiming to develop better provision for physical development and activity within their settings. However, it is unclear whether this injection of financial support has had a positive impact on children prior to starting formal schooling. It seems that, at this early years stage, some can be significantly disadvantaged.

children took part in the programme
staff helped deliver the programme
parents took part in the programme
Active Play with Bubbles
I certainly feel the objectives of the project were met. Watching the engagement of the young pupils develop over 11 weeks was great – developing their motivation and confidence. Repeating activities intermittently alongside a progressive, lesson-by-lesson structure also gave the learners an opportunity to improve their physical skills appropriately, developing physical competence and understanding. Free play and exploration were integral in ensuring the pupils had ample opportunity to apply skills in fun ways – developing naturally through active play.
Anthony Seaman, Lead Educational Practitioner