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The Active Essex Foundation has been powering the 3030 Essex campaign for 3 years. 3030 Essex invites residents throughout the county to kick-start a healthier lifestyle by taking part in 30 minutes of physical activity every day in June to raise money for the charity.

The campaign is based around the ethos of participating in 30 minutes of activity for at least 5 days a week to meet the recommended guidelines, set out by the Chief Medical Officer. Research states that after 30 days of including exercise into your regular routine, it is more likely individuals will be able to sustain this behaviour change for the future.

The accessible and inclusive campaign ensures everyone across Greater Essex has the ability and opportunity to take part via online inspiration videos, community ambassadors and behaviour change messaging across several platforms. The 3030 Essex campaign has grown from strength to strength over the course of its lifetime and has taught the Foundation a lot about what engages residents. The campaign has now become a key date in many residents’ diaries and marks a chance to make that lifestyle change ready for the summer months, by finding an activity that suits them.

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“Physical activity and sport doesn’t have to be expensive, time consuming or even hard work. 30 minutes of activity daily, not only ensures you are able to meet the recommended guidelines, but helps you chunk down activity to fit it in to our busy daily schedules.”
Jenni Anderson, Trustee of the Active Essex Foundation

The Active Essex Foundation led a successful pilot of the 3030 Essex campaign in 2018. The pilot was project managed by Karen Laing, a This Girl Can Essex ambassador and supported by a number of partners including individual marketing agencies. In its second year, the Active Essex Foundation project team took hold of the campaign to appeal to a more diverse audience by using 30 Guest Editors to inspire those starting their journey into physical activity. With its third year falling within restrictions surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, it was decided to continue to push the campaign through digital avenues only and it became about capturing real stories of real individuals taking part in the movement.

What started as a campaign that was infiltrated across a small number of target groups, grew into a movement that anybody and everybody was able to take part in. With schools, colleges and universities holding competitions, workplaces challenging their employees and clubs holding open days for residents to try out activities, 3030 Essex had something for everyone. However, the difficulty that came with this, was internal capacity; trying to reach everyone meant the Foundation couldn’t truly achieve behaviour change. After its second year, they also found there was a barrier in achieving sign ups and therefore this was no longer the best measure of impact.

In 2020, with the global pandemic, 3030 Essex was forced to be scaled back and became a social movement in amongst itself. With regular attendees of the challenge and new ones who wanted something to achieve whilst being locked down at home, the campaign saw the participants leading the movement, inspiring others to join. With lots of content and stories of the different ways people were trying to achieve their 30 minutes of activity a day, the Active Essex Foundation found that individuals were sustaining this behaviour change after June.

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“The 3030 Essex movement has had three strong years whereby its helped Greater Essex residents understand the benefits of being active and highlighted the fantastic opportunities available to them across the county.”
Jason Fergus, Trustee of the Active Essex Foundation,
Jason Fergus, Head of Active Essex